Bring on the Spring…

It won’t be long and winter will be behind us and Spring will be here before you know it.

Floral Vines Button Front Dress
Floral Vines Button Front Dress

Do you have your Easter dress yet?
See our newest arrivals of beautiful dresses that are made for comfort, style, and easy to care for! A dress makes it easy to look lovely. Check out this beautiful dress to the right, Floral Vines Button Front Dress. Slip into this classic style and you’re set to go. This flowery print is lovely in shades of blue on soft, fluid rayon and is machine washable.

Paragon has lots of fun dresses for the season! Check out our full line of dresses by clicking here!

To see our New Arrivals, click here! Paragon offers more than just cute dresses! However, you will find not only great styles but we try hard to find the greatest value to go along with great fashion! In this economy we all are striving to get the biggest bang for your buck and Paragon continuously strives to do that!

See some of our customer’s favorites!

Graceful Lace-Sleeved Dress
Graceful Lace-Sleeved Dress
Notice this lovely dress to the left. This has to be this year’s Easter dress for sure! It’s practical and stylish.. called the Graceful Lace-Sleeved Dress.Wear it on that special occasion, and again and again all Spring long. A simple, A-line style is highlighted with short, stretch lace sleeves and machine washable! It’s available in various color options, as well.

There are so many more to choose from. Also available are delicious delights in sleepwear! You will enjoy lounging around your home in comfy and style!

Impressionist Beaded Caftan
Impressionist Beaded Caftan
Master the art of relaxing. Simply slip into this silky lounger. Classic, comfortable caftan styling in a bold, abstract, watercolor print, highlighted with elegant beading at the V-neckline. Side slits. Soft polyester. This beauty, Impressionist Beaded Caftan is only $24.99! Order one today for that special lady or treat yourself to something nice because you deserve it!

Crinkle Pant Set
Crinkle Pant Set
Are you planning to travel anytime soon? Most people try to pack enough to fit in a carry-on and that makes it important to find things that travel well… easy to pack into a small bag. Paragon is looking out for you with this lovely pant set…

Clearly you can see that Paragon offers a wide variety of Spring fashions for any occasion! Check out our newest arrivals today! Shop The Paragon!


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