See what’s blooming this season!

Victorian Shoe Planters
Victorian Shoe Planters
Step into Spring with this unique garden accessory! Plant your Spring flowers in fashionable, 19th Century footwear, recreated in weather-resistant resin.These shoes are not the kind of thing you’ll find in everyone’s garden so you can be the first one on your block to sport them! The whimsical designs are romanced with scrolls and flourishes, charming indoors or out. They have a drain hole for direct planting. These would make a great gift for the gardener in your life! If the shoe fits, plant it! One size fits all.

What Bird? Birdfeeder
What Bird? Birdfeeder
Looking oh-so innocent, this clever cat thinks he has us fooled! A telltale feather rests on a rim. This precious garden accessory adds a fun touch to any outdoor space and can be used as both a bird feeder under protected area, or bird bath anywhere. A whimsical, polyresin 3-D sculpture is in shades of taupe with an antiqued finish to look like aged concrete.


Solar Roses
Solar Roses
Are you having trouble thinking of something special for Mother’s Day? Here is a great idea that she will love which will allow her to enjoy the outdoors with the romantic lighting from Solar Roses! How clever you will look when she opens this unique gift! Clearly, she will not see another one of these in her local florist so pick some special roses for her today. Provide a light show for Mother’s Day! These roses glow with hidden, solar-operated LED lights, and they would be lovely along a garden path or in an arrangement. Three lifelike polyester blooms on a bendable, plastic stem. You have a choice to pick her favorite color rose in either pink or white. Don’t wait until the last minute to order yours! These are one of our many popular items and they are selling fast so get your’s today!


One thought on “See what’s blooming this season!”

  1. The bird feeder looks simply amazing! For anyone who wants to improve his or her bird feeding or bird watching experience, you may try acquiring a feeder, which is a device that effectively attracts the birds and provides food for them.

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