Now that Mother’s Day is over… time to think of Dad!

Beer Time Hammer
Beer Time Hammer

Have you ever given a gift that was a huge hit and everyone wonders where you found something so clever? Well… here is one of those gifts! You can give your guy a handy tool that he will be sure not to misplace. This is a great gift for that special guy who is handy around the house and likes a chilled beverage to go with the job. You will be his hero when he opens a gift like this! A Beer Time Hammer is truly double-duty! When Dad finishes up his DIY project and it’s time for a cold beverage, surprise him with this rubber grip flips over to be a bottle opener. With warmer days upon us, outdoor projects show up on more to-do lists and this is the perfect tool to handle the job! Order your’s today so it will arrive in time for Father’s Day!

Personalized Workshop Tee
Personalized Workshop Tee

He will know you didn’t just run out the day before to quickly pick up something for him when he opens this personalized t-shirt with his name on it! This great gift idea, Personalized Workshop Tee is perfect for the Dad that loves his workshop. You can specify up to 15 letters and 4 numbers for year established. Put this together with the Beer Time Hammer and you have a very clever gift to give that special, handy guy of yours! Check this off your ‘to-do’ list by ordering these gifts early enough to have your shirt personalized and delivered in time for Father’s Day… Shop NOW and order yours today and impress your special guy when he sees the thought you put into your gift for him!

Jumbo Inflatable Bar
In keeping with the theme of chilled beverages… here is a fun gift that you’ll find useful over the hot days of summer when you have some friends over for an outdoor gathering! This Jumbo Inflatable Bar is terrific for summer barbecues. The jumbo bar and buffet creates on-the-spot serving for chilled drinks, food and snacks. Simply inflate the border to form a large, deep, waterproof container, then fill it with ice. It’s made with durable vinyl for use indoors or out and folds flat for storage. The dimensions are 54½”l, 26¼”w, 5″h. Impress your friends with this unique Jumbo Inflatable Bar for many uses… drinks or a buffet.


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