Some Closet Spring Cleaning Tips!

While, it may seem we are still stuck in the doldrums of winter, I find this is an excellent time of year for some spring cleaning – some closet spring cleaning! I also know I need to make some room for some items that I have on my wish list.

Here are a few organization tips to get you started:

1. Empty your Closet – this first step is fairly obvious, take everything out of your closet and then sort it by type – skirts, dresses, tops, dresses, etc.

2. Eliminate Items – look at what you don’t wear any longer and put these items into a donate pile.

3. Dump Your Plastic and Wire Hangers
When it comes to hangers, Joan Crawford and I are on the same page — no wire hangers, ever! They ruin clothes and are only meant to be temporary. I use skinny cloth hangers which save time – Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells them as well as many department stores. These are huge space savers rather than the thicker plastic hangers.

4. Organize Your Shoes
Okay, I can admit to a bit of a shoe obsession … my shoes were slowly growing across my bedroom floor so I found a great 60+ shoe rack which is a huge space saver!

Do you have any great organization tips you’d like to share or maybe you’ve recently revamped your closet. I’d love to hear about your great tips or a great clothing item that you’ve come across or have on your wish list.

As to what’s hanging in that newly reorganized closet, here are two essential tops that every woman needs. Take a look for yourself…

slimming twist top tunic
slimming twist top tunic

The Miracle Top
This top transforms your figure and comes in fuchsia, cinnamon, taupe, white, dark teal or black.

  • Flattering shape with front twist, V neckline and three-quarter sleeves in soft, stretch fabric with an easy drape.
  • Polyester/spandex. Machine wash. Imported. Misses, approx. 24″l.

Slimming Waist Top Tunic
At last, a slimming top that gets it right! The twist top style and shirred bodice enhance the bustline, while providing stylish camouflage for the rest. Long sleeves keep arms covered, while the soft, flowing gathers of fabric fall to the hip to create a beautiful, draping silhouette. 

Miracle Top
Miracle Top

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