Time to start thinking about Father’s Day

Father’s Day will be here soon! Check out the great Gift Ideas for Dad! Kids can easily find some wonderful gifts under $5 so they can pick out that special gift for their Dad. Night Driving Clip on Lenses
Night-Driving Clip-On Lenses are a practical and unique gift for Dad that is Only $4.99!

Specially engineered, yellow-tinted plastic lenses selectively filter out blue light and sharpen your vision in overcast or nighttime conditions. They sharpen contrasts and enhance details in haze, fog, rain, snow and headlight glare.

Click Here and order today to have it shipped in time for Father’s Day!

Beer Soap
Beer Soap

Another unique gift idea is our Beer Soap now available for only $6.99! Hurry while supplies last and give Dad a gift that he will be able to enjoy for a while. It sure is one bubbly beer that he won’t forget. Suds up for a shower or shave with our beer-shaped bar of soap. A fun gift for Dad or grad, it’s good, clean fun in clear glycerin soap with a frothy head. Plastic cup works as a “soap dish”. Unscented – so it can be used for all occasions.

Click Here and check out all of our Unique Gift ideas for Father’s Day! Order while supplies last and have it shipped today in order to be delivered in time for Father’s Day!


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